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Welcome to A Tad of Hair Studio, a female-owned hair and wellness studio in West Chester, Ohio. As the owner, I specialize in catering to women of all hair textures and providing an upscale, private space with exceptional service. I have over 20 years of dedicated experience in the hair industry. My mission is to promote healthy hair through education and the use of top-line products formulated for all hair textures. I understand everyone's needs are different, so I offer consultations to provide a structured, comprehensive approach to meeting your needs and ensuring no details are overlooked.


             At A Tad of Hair Studio, wants to preserve, assist, and advocate for healthy hair Let's rewrite the story and create a positive impact.

 for all hair textures. Now let's rewrite the narrative and let's make a difference into


              Not just for the look! But because the hair is healthy. 


1. To get a proper assessment of your hair

2. To create a plan of action and set expectation

3.To make sure the stylist is a good fit. This offer is a structured, comprehensive approach to benefit your consultations, an ensuring that no details are overlooked

If you are keen on utilizing my services, please schedule an appointment through my website. Additionally, a non-refundable 25% deposit is mandatory for all services, which will be credited towards your service. Thank you, A Tad of Hair Studio


                           Thank you A Tad of Hair Studio

Areas Covered

Butler County, Warren County, Montgomery County
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