Semi Permanent Color, Relaxer Retouch

Semi Permanent Color, Relaxer Retouch

Looking for a hair transformation that is both alluring and commercial? Look no further than A Tad of Hair Studio's semi-permanent color and relaxer retouch service.

My expert stylist in West Chester, Ohio, offers a top-of-the-line combination style that will leave you feeling and looking refreshed and confident. My semi-permanent color will add rich, vibrant hues to your hair that last for weeks on end, while my top-quality relaxer retouch will leave your hair sleek, silky, and straight.

What sets my service apart is my commitment to deep conditioning your hair and providing a basic style that will have heads turning. My relaxer deep conditioner will leave your hair nourished and silky-smooth, while my basic style allows you to flaunt your new look in style.

At A Tad of Hair Studio, I know that my customers want to look and feel their best at all times. That's why I offer a service that not only enhances your locks but also makes you feel confident and alluring.

So why wait? Contact me today to schedule your appointment and experience the magic of my semi-permanent color and relaxer retouch service. Your hair deserves it!

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