Flexi Rods

At A Tad of Hair Studio, I offer flexi rods as part of our hair salon services in West Chester, Ohio. I will guide you through the process and customize the look to fit your desired style.

What makes flexi rods unique is their ability to create defined, bouncy curls without using heat, which can be damaging to hair. My flexi rods come in a variety of sizes to cater to all hair types, lengths, and textures.

Customers need flexi rods for versatile hairstyles that can last up to a week or more. Whether you want tight spirals or loose waves, flexi rods can create the look you desire. This service is perfect for busy individuals who want longer-lasting curls without having to spend hours styling their hair each day.

Ready to experience the wonders of flexi rods? Book your appointment today and let me take care of the rest. Join me at A Tad of Hair Studio for the best hair salon services in West Chester, Ohio.

From $70.00

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