Silk Wrap

Silk Wrap

At A Tad of Hair Studio, my talented hair styling expertise specializes in this method, and I offer an impeccable silk press that will leave you with silky smooth hair and a confident stride.

What makes my silk press unique is not only the technique, but also my commitment to maintaining the integrity of your natural hair. I cater to your hair’s specific needs and use high quality products that protect your hair from heat damage. Moreover, I take pride in my ability to create a silk press that lasts for an extended period without sacrificing your hair’s health.

At A Tad of Hair Studio, I understand the importance of feeling confident in your own skin and hair. My silk press service is perfect for those who want to show off their luscious, soft locks, and gain a boost of self-assurance.

So why not treat yourself to my luxurious silk press service? Book an appointment today with me and experience the natural beauty of a perfect silk press. Don't wait, contact me now and allow me to help you achieve the perfect hairdo!

From $75.00

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