Sensitive Scalp Relaxer

Sensitive Scalp Relaxer

Are you tired of using harsh relaxers that leave your scalp feeling irritated and dry? Look no further than A Tad of Hair Studio's Sensitive Scalp Relaxer. My unique formula is specially designed to soothe and nourish even my delicate scalp, while still providing the silky, straight results I desire.

What sets my Sensitive Scalp Relaxer apart is its gentle yet effective approach to hair care. I understand the importance of maintaining healthy hair, and my relaxer is infused with natural ingredients that help protect and strengthen my strands.

When you choose my Sensitive Scalp Relaxer service, you not only get the benefits of a relaxer, but it also includes a style and a deep conditioner. This means you can leave the salon with your hair looking fabulous and feeling nourished from root to tip. It's important to note that colors and cuts are all add-on services and not included in the Sensitive Scalp Relaxer package.

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